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Products that protect – our pyrotechnic solutions protect passengers and pedestrians.

Taking safety one step further

ASTOTEC developments and solutions can help to save lives within milliseconds. This know-how allows us to create safety for today and shape a safer future.

Let us be your developer and manufacturing supplier of pyrotechnic products for safety-related applications. By using resources efficiently and continuously working to improve our skills and expertise, we aim to:

  • Achieve market leadership in strategic product groups
  • Establish ourselves as a supplier of automotive safety systems and technology
  • Tap into new segments in new industries using our existing capabilities and expertise

We develop, produce and supply components for use in active pedestrian protection systems and in active headrest, seatbelt tensioner and buckle systems.

Pyrotechnic circuit breakers and circuit closers are our newest product group. The circuit breakers in our EV product line disconnect the powertrain from the battery system, preventing a fire.  They provide protection to occupants and first responders in the event of an accident.

A responsibility to society

At ASTOTEC, corporate social responsibility is taken seriously: it means a true commitment to the company, people and the environment.

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