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Attention: Notice of counterfeit products

We have noticed that counterfeits or replicas of our actuators have been or are being circulated – especially through online channels such as Ebay, AliExpress, Alibaba, etc.

The counterfeit or replica actuators do not meet the requirements for active pedestrian protection relevant for certification. Nevertheless, they are pyrotechnical counterfeit products which may pose a risk of uncontrolled activation.

We must therefore point out to you that installation via our official authorised partners is the only safe way to obtain, exchange, etc. our original products!

Our company does not sell any of its products through the internet!

The packaging used to ship these replicas also does not comply with the legal requirements regarding the transport of pyrotechnical goods. These look almost exactly like our original products, which makes it very difficult to distinguish the counterfeits from our original products. There is danger of explosion and fire!

We ask you to beware of counterfeits, as we are not in a position to assess suspicious products, ensure their safety or exchange them for original products.

Please also note that we cannot accept or take responsibility for any damage, problems or defects caused by counterfeit products.

We make every possible effort to remove counterfeits from the market, including taking legal action.

Nevertheless: please be vigilant against counterfeit products!

For hints and questions please contact us at

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Our products close or interrupt an electrical circuit in milliseconds in the event of a short circuit or error message. This enables faster shutdown than conventional systems, protects occupants, and minimizes the risk of fire.

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We are the market leader in actuators for active hoods. These actuators’ functions protect pedestrians, cyclists and children who could otherwise be seriously injured in a collision with a vehicle.

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All renowned automotive manufacturers and their suppliers rely on our pyrotechnic igniters. Our core components are developed and manufactured in-house, and can thus be perfectly tailored to your requirements.

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Pyrotechnic components are also used outside of automotive applications. Our products offer enormous advantages wherever smallest installation space, speed, reliability and weight require a cost-efficient use.

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Our product portfolio covers a wide range of solutions aimed at protecting occupants, minimizing injuries and enhancing the feeling of safety on the road.

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Only pyrotechnics can produce sufficient power to bring certain applications into motion or activate them in milliseconds. We are your partner for custom-made, innovative solutions.

HIGH-QUALITY testing for a greater safety

At our test centre in Hirtenberg, we’re able to test products, concepts and even entire systems using our state-of-the-art technology.

Our purpose: Future powered by excellence

This guiding principle is what drives us to create innovative solutions that make the world a safer and better place every day.

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