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Occupant protection

Our product portfolio covers a wide range of applications designed to protect occupants (or passengers), minimize injuries and increase vehicle safety.

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Pedestrian protection

We are the global market leader for active hoods. Our actuators protect pedestrians, cyclists and children from serious injury in the event of collision with a vehicle.

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Electrical safety elements

In the event of a short circuit or error message, our products close or interrupt an electrical circuit within milliseconds. This enables faster shutdown than conventional systems, protects occupants and minimizes the risk of fire.

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Igniters & pyrotechnics

All renowned auto manufacturers and their suppliers rely on our pyrotechnic igniters. Our core components are developed and manufactured in-house, and therefore can be tailored exactly to your requirements.

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Special applications

Pyrotechnics are also used outside of automotive applications. Wherever smallest installation space, speed, reliability and weight require a cost-efficient use, our products offer you exeptional advantages.

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