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Components that help to save lives

In the event of an accident, our products use pyrotechnic kinetic energy to minimize the risk of injury in milliseconds.

Micro gas generators for seat belt tensioners

Seatbelt tensioners reduce the risk of injury in the event of a collision. Our micro gas generators help tighten seatbelts in milliseconds, with the use of pyrotechnic/kinetic energy.

Actuators for active headrests

Active head restraints reduce the risk of an injury in the event of a crash by moving the headrest forward towards the passenger’s head. We develop and produce pushing actuators that deploy the necessary kinetic energy for the forward movement in milliseconds.

Pin puller and pusher for steering columns

In the event of an accident, pin pullers and pushers reduce the risk of injury caused by steering and pedal unlocking systems penetrating the passenger compartment. We develop and produce release systems that trigger the necessary folding mechanisms in milliseconds.

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